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Family Processes
The study of families is at the core of Professor Repetti’s research. The papers included here address stress and coping processes in the family, parenting and marital interaction, and child development in the context of the family. Methods include daily report studies, longitudinal studies, and naturalistic recordings.

Emotion Processes
This research focuses on child and adult emotion processes, including the expression and socialization of positive and negative emotions both inside and outside of the family.

Naturalistic Methodology
The papers listed here describe naturalistic methods and discuss how they can advance psychological science.

UCLA Sloan Center on the Everyday Lives of Families (CELF) Recordings of Family Life
These studies analyze CELF’s continuous naturalistic recordings of families going about their everyday lives.

Stress, Coping and Health in Children and Adults
The publications in this section address stress and coping processes during childhood, adolescence, and adulthood; they include measures of HPA activity (cortisol), and studies of stress and coping at home, work, and school.

Children’s Social, Emotional, and Physical Development
This line of work examines the mental and physical health, emotions, self-perceptions, attitudes and academic performance of children ranging from elementary school-age through adolescence. In particular, they ask how development in these areas might be influenced by the primary social contexts in which children grow: peer relationships and the family.

Work and Family Processes
The studies included here consider how experiences at work shape patterns of family interaction and influence offspring (and vice versa), both in the short-term and in the long-run. Included are studies of work-family spillover processes, and family reunions after work.

Adults’ Social Environments, Multiple Social Roles and Health
This research asks how experiences in work and family roles influence adult mental and physical health, including adolescents’ expectations for their future work and family roles.